About SGIF

Environment Barriers: In India, more than 6.72 million hectares of land is affected by seasonal water logging and salinity, which threatens the food security of nearly 5M smallholder farmers.

In India, smallholders have less than two hectares of land and primarily practice rainfed cultivation. Recurring droughts and floods accentuate their food insecurity and indebtedness which will be resulted farmers' suicide

Economic barriers: The services to address these problems i.e. scientific water and soil analyses, geo-hydrological survey, are costly and not locally available. Poor farmers can't afford to have it resulted to work as bond labors as they have uncultivable land.

Social Barriers: Poor rural women who doesn't have rights over land are most vulnerable and possessing very low social status. Those who have experienced desertion, divorce or their husband’s death, risk falling into a vicious debt cycle often resulting in exploitation as a urban workers or bonded labor.