GOON is unique on many accounts. It is the only gender driven and women own process in India and also in whole world, which is attaining critical external challenges faced by ultra-poor farmers in each cropping season i.e. No Water & Excess Water.

GOON is the only program where ultra-poor, unschooled, vulnerable women are enabled to be owner of World Bank and UNFCCC awarded innovative knowledge for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Mitigation

GOON is the only program where ultra-poor women farmers are served by their peer group primarily through knowledge ownerships and that also in open source.

GOON is the only program where co-creative space is created for ultra-poor, unschooled women members of rural societies to ensure a gender-centric inclusive development

GOON is the only program where Businessplan based development paradigm is put into practice from the day one and that also for those client groups whose daily income is as low as USD 0.65 GOON is the only program where whole process is dwelling upon knowledge and inventory free technology execution

GOON is the only program where cooking skill and local culture has been utilized to enable local unschooled women to learn 4 disciplines of engineering and scientific processes GOON is the only program where local women controls irrigation water and thereby lead the poor destitute women to reclaim land right


Till date 20 ultra poor women farmers and agro labors have been identified and trained. With due examination 17 of them have acquired skill sets as defined in the first phase of training process. They have been designated as temporary WCLs and they are getting hand holding support to extend services to their local community. They have created irrigation water management principle and also using Standard Operating protocols for rainwater management systems.