About GOON

GOON program was born with a series of consultation and thought process from the grassroot underprivileged women.

GOON is designed as a unique program where ultrapoor, unschooled women learn each aspect of innovation. Further they are trained to create series of services for their peer groups based upon their knowledge as per their peer groups’ needs.

Subsequently, they are trained to monetize their services. And simultaneously, the peer group are sensitized to buy the services from these trained women and honor their knowledge and time cost. Thus GOON defines an integrated inclusive program on bottom up approach of the women, by the women, for the women, which dwells upon knowledge of the unschooled women and progresses on business acumen of poor women at grassroots and fructifies Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of Antodaya (ie serving the last person in the queue in the best possible way). Goon enables poor women to be social entrepreneurs. Goon also creates a peer support network on evidence based advocacy. Goon not only creates a market for the services, delivered by the women but also it enables the women to earn income through serving people with their knowledge i.e. an income with dignity.

Once the system is in place then women members are asked to go through intensive training. The training characteristics are as follows: Each training process is - local specific, as per convenient timing and convenient venue of participants. Training is free but post training each participants have to appear exam and the Exam fees is INR 10. If they pass then they get back double of that. If she fails then she loses the money. Exam process is verbal and visual.

Through GOON a group Women Climate Leaders (WCLs) is created. These WCLs are trained to extend series of services to ultrapoor women farmers (who are devoid of existing agriculture extension services and even though they manage to avail it many a times the provided service is inadequate, untimely, unaffordable and inappropriate for them). They are trained to undertake Bhungroo feasibility, preliminary geo-hydro study, supervision of Bhungroo erection & distribution of irrigation water. Subsequently WCLs are facilitated to undertake above studies and then extend related maintenance services. They earn through providing these services to their peer group women farmers. We SGIF and partner agencies take responsibility to design & construct Bhungroo to those farmers. WCLs extend support to ultra-poor women farmers within social enterprise model.