About SGIF

Sustainable Green Initiatives Forum (SGIF) is a not for profit company registered under section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.


All Poor Women Small Holders & Women Agriculture Labors, Who Are Affected By Drought &/or Water Logging, Are Empowered To Serve Local Community With Series Of Innovative Irrigation And Knowledge Services And Thereby Earn Livelihood As Well As Make The Community Food Secure And Prosperous.


SGIF along with our Social Enterprise Naireeta Services ( has already undertaken a participatory research process where following finding came out: a. Nearly 94% of rural women (in our focused villages) are involved in agriculture activities; b. More than 78% of these women members are coming from small and marginal farming families; c. Nearly 60% of these families’ agriculture activities are solely managed by their women along with their household chores where male members have migrated to nearby town for daily wage income or they are daily commuting to nearby urban centres for daily wage works with less involvement in agriculture; d. These small and marginal women members are facing series of challenges in agriculture which can be classified into following segments